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What is this?

This is basically a system established to show you something better than whatever you're looking at in your Chrome browser. Voters get to decide what is better than what and anyone can both vote and make link duels.

Please read the above slide for basic understanding.

The Algorithm and structure of the system

The structure is quite simple. If you make a new link duel, then you'll find that the link you placed as something better, will have the score of +1. Other people can then vote on it and the vote counts as either +1 or -1 depending on which link they vote on.

This gives us a duel score.

If the duel is Microsoft vs Apple e.g., where Apple is placed as something better, then the duel will have the score of +3 if two people have voted Apple in as something better. +1 point from the duel maker and +2 points from the voters.
If another voter then decides that Microsoft is better than Apple and vote accordingly. Then the duel score will be +2, since a negative vote counts as -1.
Anyone can vote. And they can do so because maybe someone else thinks that Linux Ubuntu e.g. is better than Microsoft instead, and would like people to get redirected from Microsoft.com to an Ubuntu site.
Whether they will be directed to Apple or Ubuntu, then depends on the duel score. If the Microsoft vs Apple duel has the score of +3 and the Microsoft vs Ubuntu duel has the duel score +5, then you will get redirected to the Ubuntu site if you click the Something Better link in your browser. That's it.

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